Fixed Line Solutions

Ranging from single line installations to multi-site complex system installs we can deliver and manage all of your telephony requirements.
The recent innovations in line carrier technologies enable us to offer services that could revolutionise the way you work and significantly reduce your costs.


PSTN (public switched telephone network)

For those of you who require a single line both to make and receive calls or run a broadband or fax line.

ISDN 2 (Integrated Services for Digital Network)

For those who require more than one concurrent call, maybe two, four or even six at a time.

ISDN 30 (Integrated Services for Digital Network)

For people who make and receive a lot of calls (over eight) at the same time and have a digital phone system.


Join the future and make and receive calls over your business grade internet connection – we’ll do all the leg work for you and you can enjoy all of the benefits! 

Wholesale Call Rates

Why pay more than you need to? We bill you by the second and have no minimum call charges or connection fees.

Carrier Pre Select

In a long contract on your line rentals? We can still drop your monthly cost by routing your calls through our wholesale call rates – the switchover is seamless and you will receive a bill that you actually understand.

BT Openreach Support

By taking certain care levels on your services, we ensure you have the service level you require. We partner with Openreach to make sure your issues are resolved quickly and easily.

Telephone Systems & Support

Whether you are looking to install a new phone system or wish to simply maintain your existing one, We have different levels of cover to suit your requirements. Whether it be office hours or 24/7, we’ll be there for you.