Vodafone first UK operator to give customers ‘superior voice quality’

Posted On 21 July 2016

The operator claims the technology will give all its customers ‘superior voice quality’

Vodafone has become the first operator in the UK to use Cisco’s Self Optimising Network (SON) technology, which it claims will give all its customers ‘superior voice quality.’

The technology first used in March by Vodafone is designed to help reduce congestion across its network. Currently being used only in London and the south of the UK, SON monitors usage levels and directs calls to alternative masts or antennas when it detects overcrowding.

Vodafone confirmed it will examine the performance of the technology before deciding on further expansion. It works for both consumer and business customers, whether they’re using a 2G, 3G or 4G connection. No update is required on a customers’ behalf. A spokesperson declined to reveal how much it expects SON to reduce congestion by.

The operator has spent £2 billion on improving its network infrastructure across the UK over the last two years, and plans on investing a further £2 billion over the next three years. It claims around 72 million calls, the equivalent of 44 billion minutes, were made in its last financial year ending March 2016. Its 4G coverage stretches across 94 per cent of the UK population.

In a joint venture with Ericsson, Vodafone launched its ‘mobile network in a briefcase’ product in May. These are small briefcase sized 4G base stations that are easier to install and more energy efficient than standard units. Engineers can simply carry the devices to a rooftop, without the need of heavy equipment like cranes to install them. The first was installed in Southwark, London, with further to be rolled out across the country in the coming months.