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EE Recall Power Ball

06/08/2015 8:13am

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EE have identified a very small number of incidents where Power Bars have overheated, all of which relate to batch number E1-06, which could pose a fire safety risk.

EE are therefore requesting that customers stop using this specific batch and are recalling them. EE are dealing with this issue directly and have today sent emails to all customers with instructions on how to return their Power Bar – if a customer contacts you directly, please re-direct them to EE.

For information, please click here to view EE’s Q&A document.


0800 Changes

28/04/2015 12:15pm

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End of the line for rip-off 0800 numbers: Mobile phone users currently charged up to 20p a minute will dial for free after fees are outlawed


EE Rural Signal Update

02/12/2014 4:27pm

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 EE set to connect more than 1,500 communities by the end of 2017
 World-first technology successfully trialled in Cumbria village of Sebergham, with all
129 households and small businesses receiving data and voice connectivity from only
three ‘meshed’ small antennas
 New EE micro network changes the economics of mobile coverage by removing the
requirement to build large masts and install sub-ground cables 2 nd December 2014 – EE, the UK’s largest mobile network operator, is today committing to connect more than 1,500 rural communities within three years by investing in a unique micro network technology that provides coverage to remote areas with no need for broadband or cables.
Starting in early 2015, EE will be making voice services, as well as 3G and 4G mobile data coverage available in communities that currently don’t have reliable mobile or high speed broadband. These areas have remained unconnected by traditional approaches to network deployment that have relied on building large masts.
To cover these communities, EE will build new micro networks that wirelessly connect small mobile antennas to a suitable nearby macro site, without the need for cabling, dramatically improving the economics of connecting hard to reach areas.
The first community to be connected through trials of the new micro network technology is the small village of Sebergham, in Cumbria. Sebergham has 129 dwellings and 347 residents, and sits in a deep valley.
Cumbria County Councillor, Duncan Fairbairn, said:
“The mobile service here is either non-existent or spasmodic at best. And the broadband is incredibly slow and very unreliable. In rural communities like Sebergham, being connected to good, reliable mobile coverage can make a significant difference to everyday life and we need fast broadband.
We’re delighted to be the first community in the UK to benefit from this EE initiative, and there are more villages in my parish that I know will benefit hugely from this, and they’re excited to be connected next.”


EE News

20/08/2014 2:19pm

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It may be third time lucky for EE with an attempt to route voice calls over Wi-Fi, as the company has announced it is working on another service which reduces the often prohibitive cost of rolling out coverage to places with few people and difficult terrain.