EE voted best network by Rootmetrics

Posted On 27 April 2014

So, the results are in and Rootmetrics have announced that EE is the best network here in the UK based on Mobile Internet, calls and texts tests taken all across the country.

In total over 840,000 results were put together and it is not just based o 4G speeds. We know EE are already blazing fast, but these results are based on reliability for calls and texts too.

EE 4G is now available in over 70% of the UK, over 175 towns and cities. The company shows no sign of slowing down over the coming months.


Best of all, it’s not just the new 4G Networks that the money is being spent on. A massive sum of cash has been put by to improve both the 3G and 2G networks which have been around for many years.